A New Era


Here lie the 7 territories with 7 different tribes - all different species. You can take a run through the vast hills of the Grasslands, take a swim in the Wetlands or the Oceans, leap from tree to tree in the Forest, survive the heat of the Desert, shiver your way through the Arctic Tundra, or rule the Ruins as a mystical creature. 

The territories are divided up into 7 even sections and meet in the middle as a sacred safe spot. No fights in "The Hub", only peace must be conveyed. 

The Forest

Welcome to The Forest, home of the Tribe of Jagged Fangs! The Forest is a combination of the rainforest, coniferous forest, and deciduous forest. This territory includes animals such as deer, squirrels, hawks, bears, jaguars, toucans, and more! Watch your paws for the gnarled roots of the Sacred Oak, located in the center of the territory.

The Tribe of Jagged Fangs

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The Wetlands

Welcome to The Wetlands, home of the Tribe of Misty Ears! This territory includes animals such as alligators, eagles, frogs, ducks, otters, and more! Take a dive in the rushing river of the Rilo just north of the territory.

The Tribe of Misty Ears

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The Desert 

Welcome to The Desert, home of the Tribe of Blistering Paws! This territory includes animals such as Fennec foxes, scorpions, camels, rattlesnakes, jackrabbits, and more! Step carefully, as there may be quicksand pools scattered across the territory.

The Tribe of Blistering Paws

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The Grassland

Welcome to The Grasslands, home of the Tribe of Golden Tongues! This territory includes animals such as lions, elephants, zebras, gazelle, giraffes, cheetahs, and more! Keep your eyes and ears open for stealthy attackers lurking in the tall grass.

The Tribe of Golden Tongues

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The Arctic Tundra 

Welcome to The Arctic Tundra, home of the Tribe of Bitter Claws! This territory includes animals such as snow leopards, penguins, polar bears, wolves, snowy owls, and more! Stay warm in the frigid climate and be sure to watch your footing, as there are several towering mountains.

The Tribe of Bitter Claws

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The Ocean

Welcome to The Ocean, home of the Tribe of Swirling Fins! The Ocean includes tropical oceans but also colder water oceans, such as the Arctic and Pacific. This territory includes animals such as whales, seals, dolphins, fish, sharks, sea turtles, and more! Swim fast or else the current will sweep you off your fins!

The Tribe of Swirling Fins

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The Ruins

Welcome to The Ruins, home of the Tribe of Unknown Creatures! This territory includes mystical/mythological creatures such as unicorns, griffins, yeti, dragons, and more! Roam the ruins freely, but make sure to keep your potential powers under control!

The Tribe of Unknown Creatures

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